Join us at the Pinups Training Academy

Our training academy is based in the Cambridgeshire countryside in Eynesbury, St Neots. 

We have a wide selection of courses for both beginners and experienced Lash & Nail professionals. We are highly qualified and have vast amounts of knowledge in the industry.  Our courses are fully accredited and you will receive a certificate of qualification once you have completed and have passed. 

Lashes Courses

Classic lashes

1 day 10am – 4pm.

£300 including full kit.

No experience required.


You want to learn to be a lash artist?

Set yourself up for success with our Classic Lashes training program and you’ll learn the damage free way straight from the start.

We will show you the 1:1 Classic method, and with our packed starter kit you’ll be ready to go forth into the industry.

You’ll get continued support from your trainer.

If you are serious about starting a new career as a total lash queen then get in touch.

Russian volume Lashes.

1 day 10 – 4pm

£350 including kit.


You must hold a classic lash certificate.


You’ve mastered the art of Classic lashes, and want to up your game.

Your clients are feeling sassy and want those beautiful Russian Volume fluffies, so what do you do?

You’re going to learn the wonderful, beautiful art of Russian Volume lashes – meaning you will be able to safely apply up to 8 lashes per lash!

And with our packed kit you’ll be ready to go forth into the industry lashing like an absolute expert.

You’ll get continued support from your trainer.

Nail Courses

Gel Polish – 1 day

10am – 4pm lunch not provided. Manicure certificate required.

£250 including kit.


How to prep, file & shape and paint gel polish. This course will teach you the prep & application of Gel polish.  We will also cover removal and ongoing care for your gel polish.

Acrylic Nail Extensions – This runs over 2 days.

10am – 4pm each day. 

Model required. This benefits you as you can work on your model in between training days.  Manicure certificate required.

£450 including kit.


Day 1 Learn the correct way to use liquid & powder to sculpt a nail extension using a nail form and also using a tip. 

Day 2 in 2 weeks time.  Please bring your model.  You will learn how to infil an extension & rebalance it.  You will also learn how to remove an extension safely.


Homework will be given and needs to be completed by day 2.


If you can not bring a model please let me know at least 48hrs before the course date.

Pedicure – 1 day.


£150 including kit.


Soak, buff, Massage, file, cuticle work & gel polish.


Models can be provided, however bringing your own is advised so you can continue to practice on them.

E-file course -1 day




You will learn how to use an E-file safely, finding out the purpose of various bits.  We will cover how to use this for maintenance services.

An E-file should never be used on the natural nail.


If you are a Nail or Lash technician and would like 1:1 training please contact us direct.